Imperial Tobacco's letter shutting down

This letter appeared, with no response, on in December 2008:


Dear Arminda,

As you know, Imperial Tobacco Canada has advised MyChoice / MonChoix that regretfully it will be unable to continue its support of the organization in 2009. The growth of illicit trade in Canada, which now tops 40% in Quebec and Ontario, has forced the company to refocus its strategic objectives. Imperial Tobacco Canada has been very pleased with the success of MyChoice over the last four years. In 2004, Imperial Tobacco Canada and the other members of the Canadian Tobacco Manufacturers’ Council (CTMC) provided financial support for MyChoice to become a reality in Ontario. In 2005, the CTMC assisted MonChoix in Québec to become active. In 2008, Imperial Tobacco Canada decided to continue its financial support of these organizations when the other members of the CTMC dropped out.

Imperial Tobacco Canada has watched with pride as MyChoice and MonChoix grew from a concept to a virtual organization with over 50,000 members. With you as its president, MyChoice / MonChoix has become a rational and clear voice for the rights of smokers with governments and the Canadian media. It is our hope that you will be able to continue your valuable work representing the views of smokers.

Imperial Tobacco Canada hopes that MyChoice / MonChoix will continue to articulate the opinions and views of smokers to the greater society and we wish you and the organization good luck in all your future endeavours.

Thank you.

Imperial Tobacco Canada

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