Robert Wagner, a.k.a. Robert Ribbentrop

The Robert Wagner File

Robert Wagner, of Palm Coast, FL (formerly Schaumburg, IL and Orlando, FL), doesn't believe that smoking cigarettes is a serious health hazard. He also believes that science is corrupt, that global climate change isn't happening, and the leaders of Nazi Germany got a raw deal at the Nuremburg Tribunal (ironic for someone quick to criticize the "antis" for curtailing what he considers to be his civil liberties). He posts these beliefs in the alt.smokers newsgroup. He also poses as an expert on who-knows-what on Quora. To believe what Wagner believes, he has to create a fictional world for himself, which includes fictionalizing his military record and his education. Here's a partial list of the lies he has told to advance his cause, whatever that might be:

And, here's a case where Wagner told the truth:
"Yes, hate mongering and willful ignorance are worse than smoking, because they kill the practitioner's soul long before his body dies." - March 8, 2011

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